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I am Peggy ~ wife to Adam, who I claim *most* days (Love you honey!). He works at the Shipyard as a nuclear cleaner. We have been married for 6 years and it's nice to be able to say, that I really did marry my best friend. I love him more today than I did yesterday, yet less than I will tomorrow. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and Facebook and love to scrapbook! And yes, I actually cook the things I pin to Pinterest *gasp*! I haven't had one fail yet (Now watch, I just jinxed myself !) I am Mama to two beautiful, very busy boys, ages 6 and 4 who are my world. Our oldest is a very spirited boy who has been blessed with Aspergers, ADHD and Sensory processing disorder. We don't treat these as disabilities but as stepping stones that are going to pave the way for his bright future! Our youngest is a little love bug who is all boy, but will love the heck out of you! Both my boys are so similar, yet so different. I love to watch them grow as individuals :) I tend to ramble (no, really?) so this blog will be filled with who even knows? If you're here and reading, welcome to my crazy life :) Sit back, and enjoy!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ahh Friday ...yes!  The day I look forward to all week is finally here.  The sun is shining, my boys are happy(and not auditioning for WWF Smack down in the living room for a change)  and I am starting to feel human again ... so very much to be thankful for!

Something happened last night, that I am still in awe over.  I debated whether to share or not, fearing that most will not understand, but my overwhelming sense of mommy joy ruled and I decided to share anyway :) 

In order for any of this to make sense, I need to give you a little bit of background.  When our family goes out for a meal, Jacob will usually never order for himself.  He insists that Adam and I do it for him, and never engages with the wait staff at any point during the meal or thereafter.  On the very rare occasion that he does order for himself, he looks at the ground and mumbles so we end up repeating his order anyway. He has a very tough time speaking to people (adults) and struggles socially as a result.  We guide him and give him little cues, to help ease the difficulty, but this is a very big struggle for him.  This is one of many, of the things that I find so heartbreaking to be a mom of a child of Asperger's.

Last night, Adam took us out to dinner at our favorite restaurant here, The Pancake house.  The boys love going there, and it's a family setting, so easy for Dad and Mom!  We settled in, ordered and enjoyed a really nice meal.  It was so nice getting out of the house (for me!) and letting someone else cook for a change.   I was about halfway through with my meal, when Jacob said "Mom, can I tell you a question?"  (we are still working on the ask/tell thing :)   I said "Sure, kiddo, what's up?"  He says  "  Do you think I need a box? Because I can't finish all of my supper. My tummy is full-ull-ull".  I was taken aback at first ... did I just hear him right? He asked for a box?   You are probably sitting there going "Yeah, so?"   This was huge!  He has never asked for a box before.  He has never associated food being left over with needing a box.  I looked at Adam, he looked at me and smiled and I said "Why, yes, I do believe you DO need a box kiddo.....nice job!  Good thinkin'!!"   I was so proud of him at that moment, that I was beaming!!!  But it get's BETTER!   Our waitress walked by a minute or so later, and our little guy pipes up and says " Umm excuse me M'am, do you think I could get a box for my food , please? I am full."  She smiled and said "Of course!"

I turned to Jacob and I was speechless!  I hugged him tight and high fived him and said "You are SO awesome!!! Look at you, big guy!"  Adam gave him kudos and fist bumps and all the while, Jacob was sporting this coy little grin that he has, that when he wears it, reminds me so much of my dad.  Adam and I could not believe what had just happened..... it was amazing, it was magical and it had happened with NO prompting from Dad or mom. 

So many times over the past 6.5 years, I have struggled with the why's and the how's.  I have felt defeated, I have felt as if I couldn't possibly face one more day.  I am humbled daily with just how easy we really do have it, when I read about or see other families and their struggle.  Days like yesterday make every single hurt and set back worthwhile.  

So if you're still reading and still don't get it .... that's ok.  I don't judge :)   If I didn't have a child with needs that are a little special, I probably wouldn't get it either.   Just celebrate with me because you are my friend, or family (or complete stranger if you stumbled upon my blog by accident) and smile and say to yourself "Way to go Jacob...that was huge!".  He won't hear you, but I will and that's enough .... it's the little things, you know?

(And just a little shout out to our waitress last night.  Her name was Sherri and she was phenomenal! She has 9 kids....whoa, back up and process that one.....9 kids!  And she was so awesome with both of our boys.  Handled them perfectly and the boys really enjoyed her.  When you get good service, I feel it's important to tell someone!  So if you're ever in the Port Orchard area and want a nice meal, in a family friendly atmosphere....hit up the pancake house and see if Sherri is working!)